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posted 4 Nov 2011, 06:17 by Dom McIntyre De Vitto   [ updated 4 Nov 2011, 06:23 ]
I've just done all my christmas girlie shopping for the ladies in my life at - excellent choice, price and really good service.

If you're out of ideas for Christmas presents, surf over there and have a look around - the produce list is growing all the time, and it doesn't take a minute to find something for that difficult person(s) in your life.  The site has just had a major upgrade, so if you find anything wrong, email justkrissi and you might get something more than just a thanks back !

They also have a blog so not only do they sell you quality stuff, but they actually tell you how to make the most of their products - like how to get perfect nails, even for those who have always had problems.

All in all 10/10 in all respects!